The Child

When students with disabilities--even those with severe disabilities--receive appropriate instruction, they grow academically. As we learn more about how to best teach students with disabilities, their achievement and successes increase, as evidenced by the increasing number of students with special needs graduating from high school and going on to pursue post secondary education.

Special education research is increasingly impacting all education. Many of the advances in general teaching strategies have resulted from research in special education. It is now possible for all students to profit from improved educational techniques that focus on individual learning styles and new methods to present materials to students with many different abilities and skills.

Traditional thinking is a major barrier to achievement by students with learning difficulties. A lack of understanding of special education and its role in our schools is a second. The truth is that many individuals with disabilities are capable of achieving a high degree of success, both academically and professionally. The stereotypical images must be disregarded and each student should be viewed as an individual who brings his or her special abilities and talents to the classroom.

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